March 29, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Santosh Kumar Pokhrel




Let her go



I often have some thoughts

Why this life is too slow,

As if naught she were

And a lot could not flow.


Of her heart as for me

As had I never plea,

Tell then how she bestow

Would me upon in glee.


Often comes she in wind

As my friend too distinct,

I do host her utmost

She gets lost and not flea.


We entwine in divine

And we feel sweet mellow,

How retain her so long

I, in wind, let her go!






Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Santosh Kumar Pokhrel is a senior civil engineer and a noted contemporary poet from Nepal. He spent almost seven years in Moscow during his study. He is member of different literary sites and has frequent publications. Mr Pokhrel is a published poet and has hundreds of poems and two published books, the latest being SACRAMENTO POEMS, also available as an e-book and can be found at www.odishaestore.com/sacramento.

Poems by Santosh Kumar Pokhrel can be frequently seen in several facebook literary groups under S. Pokhrel. The poet enjoys three world languages English, Russian and French including Hindi and mother tongue Nepali.  Most of his poems are lyrical and rhyming. His poems range from simple romantic to metaphysical full of oriental sentiments. He is found dancing in pleasure and crying out in distress in his poems.

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  1. Narayan Singh Bohra March 29, at 09:07

    I,respectfully, admire this great achievement and honour he has so reverently acquired. He'd certainly scale so many such heights and several milestones of success in years ahead;so I wish.


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