March 29, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Todd Sukany




Paint Using just Favorite Color



Decide the city shot trumps

a landscape. Stand to the left

of center as far as you can go.


Let your eyes peer

through tall buildings

into a horizon you’ve


never actually seen. The sun

is probably there. Notice the masses

of faces surrounding you in the same way.


Swirl your brush

into your favorite color

and slowly cover all the white spaces.





It Made Sense to Deny



. . . on this columbus day

bright red poppies, blowing

between crosses,

rows and rows of crosses.


So much easier on the brain

to rant and release

frustration over a failed life

than struggle to sire


a national symbol, a myth

that the young can take

to the grave. Mourning

doves lament; they wail


from above: so much

easier to highjack

the devotion and service

of another.





Todd Sukany

Todd Sukany, a Pushcart nominee, lives in Pleasant Hope, Missouri with his wife of over 35 years. His work has appeared in Ancient Paths, Cave Region Review, Intégrité, and The Ekphrasitc Review.  Sukany, a native of Michigan, stays busy running, playing music, and caring for six rescue dogs and a cat.

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