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April 4, 2018 Fiction , POETRY / FICTION

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Opal Ingram



Mystic glanced at her reflection in the rear-view mirror her dark sunglasses hid her black eyes. She needed to get a few things from the grocery store, she hated feeling like she was trash.


Mystic smiled. She unpacked her clothes in the room that she shared with other ladies and their families. The room was large but comfortable, Selina didn’t say much as she went out to the kitchen with her Mother.


Saying “I do” was the biggest mistake Mystic made. It took her ten years to get to know him.


But God send her another human being with personality. There were no secrets, he was a great man, who didn`t abuse her. She learned her lesson well.


Mystic hated that she had to get her kids out of school, but after her nervous breakdown she wanted them to be safe. Nodding her head she went into the living room, she knew the consequences of being with an abuser and found his smothering ways disturbing.


However, the nightmare was over with no regrets but to keep moving. With this new taste of freedom she was willing to start over despite what was before her. She was not going to let her convictions steal her joy of becoming who she ought to be, the shell of unwanted chaos after being married for 14 years gone with the divorce.






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Opal Ingram

Opal Ingram is a Poet/ Author from the Lower East Side NYC. She is Author of 4 short stories and poetry books – Black Stockings 360, Like a Rag Doll- Finding Your Purpose, Black Stockings 361 – Love Poems 40. She currently Resides In Troy, NY. Her Passion For Writing began in her childhood.

Opal Ingram also has a Facebook Poetry group, Opal Expressions Poetry aka- Poetress Mystic.

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