April 6, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Jehann El-Bisi




Google: God’s Thresher



God the Reaper Bearer

Wind winnowing souls

Threshing out sinners

Harvesting His Saints

And what of our time?

Technology the tool

Or, technology

the Grim Reaper

The internet:

Mechanization of God

thresher Of Babylon


like incessant radioactive rain

Flooding rooms…

in palaces of the mind

No more closed doors

Secrets are out

Drowning in temptations

To Buy and sell

Human commodities

Slavery flourishing

Hiding in plain sight

Ordinary becomes extraordinarily


Celluloid celebrity souls


You tube!

Suddenly, everyone’s a star!


Staring into an endless mirror…

Reflecting back,

The Macro Ego

For consumption


The great conflagration

And the small remnant…

Dying or surviving in obscurity

Waiting patiently…


Cyber footprints

God’s new

Naughty or nice list

It is easier for an elephant in the room

To enter through the eye of the needle

To type a text

Than it is for trolls and lost souls

of the matrix

To enter the gates of heaven…

Abandoners of truth, justice, and the sacred law, leaving the last harbinger of

Human sanctuary

The body temple

Where secrets and misdeeds

Could lay in wait

For old age

And judges at the seat of one’s own soul


No escape-

Google is God

And the reckoning day comes

Where judgment beats its gavel down

With a final sentencing

To ones with a wicked thirst

To own, and scoff, and play God

In the playgrounds of fools,

How will we walk?

Less upright

After scoliosis sets in

And we can no longer

Raise our heads up to pray.






Jehann El-Bisi

Jehann El-Bisi is a peace activist, who has an earned a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts and a certificate in the study of Conflict Zones and Transformation from SIT graduate school in Brattleboro, Vermont. She is a single parent to a rising Rap artist, her son, Elijah. She is a nature loving, writing and photography enthusiast, and amateur. She is the director of a short documentary film The River Cried “Mni W’Coni!” This is her first published poem.

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