April 10, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Michelle Parks




Children’s Crusade



Wake now child & Stand.


The days have yet been counted.






Plug in; discounted.

Sales racks of our screams

hit newstands;

mothers weep.


Children fear what they cannot know.

What’s not said in dinner prayer…

That this is who we are:





We are the sheep for the shepherds to shear,

Them with their crops and unbridled backs

Unbent from fields we fight in.

We water their gardens with tears.

Our wombs bear the fruit they devour.

We are who we make us.


Wake now, child: Engage.

Revolution is upon us.






Michelle Parks

Michelle Parks is a wife, mother of two, loves poetry slams and wrapping her chaotic thoughts into words to provoke and promote thought. Both children are home-schooled with the motto of the late, great George Carlin: “Question Everything.” She’s a Voluntaryist Taoist-Deist who prefers the red pill. She listens to Blue October and Leonard Cohen and Puddles Pity Party to round it all out. Life is beautiful.

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  1. Allison April 11, at 02:25

    I'm a huge fan of Michelle's work and this is my FAV so far!!


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