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Edward Vandrews




My Freedom Is Unleashed



It’s 11:30 in the evening

30 minutes left for a

Day to die and a day to be born,

A year to die and a year to be born.

There is a quarrel between

The earth and the sky.

The imposter bomb rattle

In the unforgotten sky

Representing the day of atonement.

The chain that ceases

My heart is broken.

My soul is released from

The incarceration of my forgotten flower.

Am now free from her wicked love.





Until Death



Years awake and die,

Yet the creaken bones

Never stop creaking to

The ear of the rocky yard.

Till my grave calls me

Never will I stop softing

The rocky yard for posterity.

Until the scribe scribes my name

On a tablet of stone.

Never will I stop tittering

The soil for posterity.


On the peak of mount

Kilimanjaro where my knowledge stands,

It appears in my chambers of memory

An anthem of Africa

Recite over five thousand years

Ago where Egypt holds

The various harps of Africa.

An hour reach, Africa is deaf.


In thy shrine, His melody

Glorifies the beauty of the snow.

Until my grave calls me,

Never will stop straighten

This crooked notion of His, Amen.






Edward Vandrews

Edward Vandrews is 24 years of age, a final student at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He is a student of Economics and Sociology. A businessman, a Poet and a political advocate.

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