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Rick Davis




From Capitalism To Socialism



Heartless policies cause the robin

To make a lonely warning sound.

The administration’s words

Are empty bitter Harlequins on the sky.

In hopeless night the President sleeps

Safe in his white sepulchral

Waking to scripted lies,

Tales of shadows

And a Dynastic moan.

My heart cries, and then laughs.


I dream of the young and young at heart

While we imagine a world of lilacs and lavender,

And blossoms on stately trees,


As our eyes are full of Holy vision.





Why I Study Zohar



For every delicate loving bird

there seems to be a dark stone

thrown at this precious creature.


For every loved, cherished child

there seems to be another –

shaken, beaten and wounded

to continue a cycle of darkness.


But with study & loving-kindness

i am trying to sell the world

to the young and broken


That they might take God’s brush

and paint a sacred world

with softness, compassion


And Light.








Insomnia and physical pain

Are hillside’s flaring maple

Threatening my solitude and night

As I lie so empty in pungent stable dark

As if someone poisoned my light.


And so I pray and begin flying

Over green and brown mountains

Eclipsing the heart of God

Seeing that my pain is the result

Of piercing karma as for so long

I slept bankrupt and selfishly through life


But peace begins to overtake me

Like ten thousand blue glowing angels


So I enter a field of wild green grass

Experiencing glowing soft nebulous

Sound and shadow –

Watching God’s loving eyes that

Wind back inside my soul


And although I haven’t slept

I am comforted by soothing inner sea.







Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate programs.  He is married, and has over 700 published poems.

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