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Linda Imbler




Batman, Recalculating



As children,

they did not know their mothers were grooming them to be Batman,

giving them capes of compassion and utility belts of courage.

Teaching them to always rise above their problems,

to raise their grades, to raise their children, to look up,

to reach for the stars, to reach for the pie in the sky.


Today, the power of that high high-rise,

once more luring them upward,

turns deadly when the planes hit.


Today, all they can do is descend,

ninety minutes and sixty-eight levels of stairs

carrying a wheel-chaired woman.


They make it outside right before the towers fall.


All the time going down,

hearing their mothers voices,

reminding them:

do what is right although your knees shake,

do what is right although your arms tremble,

do all you can,

even if it could take you into the ground.





Love and Truth



What did you mean

when you said love could change the world?

When you loudly proclaimed the truth would set one free?

You interpret the need for destruction

necessary to prop your agenda,

the excruciating belief of more antis than pros.


Why cast shadows?

No more bullying, you cried

as you cut off other drivers with your car.

Respect for all, tumbling toward disgrace,

as that waiter you embarrassed

and left shaken with your loud complaints

about the service continued into the night,

in front of your friends.

How clever they must think you are!


The elderly woman you did not hold that door for

as you barreled out to be the first into the great outdoors,

while you scream for respect for women.


Daily, this is your way.

Not a result of poor night sleep,

a head ache or severe bad news

that puts you on edge.


But you are on edge, you’re on the edge,

and you want the edge.

If you must manipulate,

do so with the best of intentions.

Yet, you do so for what purpose?


We’re waiting to see the results of your getting ahead.

Where would you lead us?

We, who wish to see love change the world.

We, who wish for truth to set us free.


We, who wish to do what it takes to accomplish that.






Linda Imbler

Linda Imbler is the author of the published poetry collection “Big Questions, Little Sleep.” Her work has appeared in numerous journals.

Linda’s creative process and a current, complete listing of sites which have or will publish her work can be found at lindaspoetryblog.blogspot.com.

This writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player lives in Wichita, Kansas.

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  1. Gean Kearns April 20, at 18:49

    Linda I love the way you write and the poems you have written touch my soul.


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