April 24, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Brianna Ricotta




Chicken Hawk Noodle Soup



When I ate those wilted noodles

with uphm

I trumphiumed through

the swamp forging

for those soothing healing properties

this soup supposedly has.


With my eyes closed

I drove into the swamp

of muck.

Eating every last noodle

and rehydrating chicken hawk chucks

salted like the alligator meat

hanging from the rotted

plank of wood out back.


I began to vomit

on the dirt floor of our one room cabin

making a slurry of dirt and brown orange vomit

that looked like chicken hawk inerends

and mashed up sweet potato pie.


I stared at the slurry,

that reminded me of

my courting meals in the desolate “parlor”

where my hand lace curtains framed the window.

Thinking does chicken hawk noodle soup really soothe the soul?






Brianna Ricotta

Brianna Ricotta is currently a Behavior Therapist and is working towards her master in ABA Therapy. Brianna loves to make a difference in the world through her photography, poetry, and passion for mental health issues. Currently, Brianna’s work has been published in the Huffington Post’s, Psych Central, Tuck Magazine, The Scarlet Leaf Review, and Everyday Poems.

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