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April 25, 2018 Fiction , POETRY / FICTION

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Robert Allen Beckvall



Dr. Jack “Diamondback” Veenum                                                                       March 9, 2018



Powermonger motherfuckers.  I don’t think there is a phrase for this in Mandarin.  Dr. Eir Wang of the Yi-Er-San (1-2-3) project has to say that in English.  OK, “Powermonger motherfuckers”. I am going to bypass you and do the things the people of the earth want.  They clamor for mother earth to be healed and we have the Chinese medicine to do it.

These projects will make the sludge-bot look like child’s play.  Although picking up the oil is still numerous and disastrous and will be needed, these projects can actually heal her.

I’m talking Earth Cupping, Earth Acupuncture, and of course Earth Tea Remedy.  She’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated. A senior earth with wisdom and the great body to match.

George Carlin once said that someday the earth will just cough and shake off man like a dog shaking off fleas.  We feel empowered to stamp our idiocy and short-sightedness onto mother earth while God, the heavens, and other beings look at us like the cosmic joke we are.

Mother, we are going to put your chee right, get the blood flowing, and put into you what you need to heal.  Our steel will go deep into you and turn on the healing electricity, our suction will flow the blood-lava next to your mountain spines, and into the ocean where the dead spots tragically sport bleached coral and rotten fish corpses, we will pour tea that will bring back the reefs and the sharks and the fish.

The United States is a fiction.  The land of great this or great that.  It is a land of the billionaire charade.  China seems to truly want to make changes for its people and the world, and Dr. Wang wants her and her company in on that.


If yours is a country with a needle, cupping, or the medicines dropped, you receive the direct benefits.  Dr. Wang, United Nations monied with character made sure that not only the rich countries received the benefits, but that none were held above the rest.

Einstein/Hawking/Sagan speaking was as important as a severely handicapped or a mentally disturbed person’s words.  All countries with equal say, equal power.

Herbs and elixirs that were to be dropped into the oceans, lakes, rivers, and still waters like ponds, were to provide maximum benefits to the flora/fauna of the ecosystem.


Sustainability of H2O, land use, air

Needles, cups, teas

Clean water for all

Energy use   No fooling

Sun, wind, water

Into battery systems

Food systems for all

Animals both wild and domesticated


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of animal happiness





Dr. Jack Veenum is a herpetologist from the Univ. of Arizona in Tucson.






Robert Allen Beckvall

Robert Allen Beckvall lives on a Pacific island with his two Chinese girls, who have needled, cupped, and tea’d him into submission.

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