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Md. Mujib Ullah




To ‘On’



Do you remember, ‘On’,

How many days were gone?


You have a different name,

But I prefer another frame

That is a bit shorter

To bring you further

Deep into the thought.

Clear in this mot?


Or, two are left.

Surprise is kept

Hidden for years

To ensure tears

Of joy in your eyes,

How slowly time flies!


The rest are like orlon,

Do you remember, ‘On’?








this old letter, your touch, makes me happy.

you forget the nights how I remain awake,

for a word that reduces my flaws, to print on paper.

the geographical image, the curve lines, the style,

the shadows, gather up. you know, I am as I could be,

keeping away from you, for restoring your love.

your message I never forget, bright, lightning,

powerful. darling, don’t think that I am good.

rather I am gloomy, but for you, I am flowing wind.

the way you feel, the way I am.

what are you waiting for? and I frighten

myself, because your light, to be with you again.

here I only ask to merge the lines.

your touch is everywhere.






Md. Mujib Ullah

Md. Mujib Ullah is a promising young bilingual Bangladeshi writer, poet, philosopher, translator & human activist. He studied MA in English Language and Literature. His poems appeared in Canada, USA, Australia, India, and Bangladesh.

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