Era of the hashtag and a prevalence of injustice

May 4, 2018 India , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , Pakistan

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Sumaira Rajput



Recently an 8 year old daughter of Bakarwals in Indian occupied Kashmir was raped in a sacred place for Hindus called Mandir by none other than Hindus. She was raped for five days until her uterus was totally damaged. However, the brutality continued as her face was smashed with a stone at which point the young girl was raped again, yes gang rape.




This month the 24-year-old pregnant singer Samina Sindhu was shot and killed in Larkana during a live performance as she refused to dance due to her pregnancy. Her dead body was taken to nearby hospital but no one attended to her. According to her husband police weren’t ready to lodge a FIR until the media hyped the incident. Yes, a double murder.




A few months back 7-year-old Zainab Ansari was raped by a 23-year-old man in Kasur. He was the neighbor of the baby girl and after raping her he threw her body into a trash bin. Yes, nothing like trash. The incident happened when her parents were out of the country. She went for a Quran recital and later on was found missing, the trash bin being where she was ultimately found. That demon subsequently received the punishment to be hanged only four times.




Elsewhere a brave Indian lady is fighting against the brutality of the aforementioned Kathua incident involving the murder of 8 year old Asifa. She said recently that, as a lawyer, her life is under risk so I guess there will be another hashtag in a few days. She may be killed – doesn’t she know this is a man oriented society? Doesn’t she know the only guilt of women is that she is a woman? And then how can she raise her voice through a proper channel? She shouldn’t raise her voice as society is at an extreme. Being raped is now the new form of hostage for women apparently.




And then the recent widespread prevalent hashtag #MeToo, thousands of stories, millions of voices withdrawn from their previously sullen silence through this hashtag. Yes, words that are more than enough to shake you from head to toe are there waiting for you.




How many times will humanity shame itself to this level? How many times will girls, women, kids suffer under this umbrella of a bizarre and outlandish man oriented society? How many hashtags? No law been made inspite of these incidents in which humanity is ashamed. Another hashtag I am ashamed of recently emerged in which women like Kareena Kapoor and Sania Mirza are being trolled by none other than anyone else but yes, MEN of our society. One got to know that she was performing the greatest sin ever as she got married to a Muslim man and was having the baby of a Muslim man, in addition to others who were married in a Muslim country; what shame, what kind of assholes are we?




In another shameful incident an Indian father allegedly gifted his daughter to two of his friends and later on joined them in a gang rape of her. Will humanity be ashamed of this!?


What is the way to get justice, or is there no way out? Females are oppressed and will be forever tyrannized. Where are our laws under which humanity is equal? No public hanging, no punishment that can set an example? Are we here merely to raise hashtags, top trends, and the limelight of a story for a day or two? I don’t know if my voice and many other voices like me will create change; if not then what am I doing here? But this fight for justice will not stop, we will not get frustrated, we will fight for justice, fight for feminism, fight for our rights. But just not trending a hashtag.


Fight for justice will no more be limited to hashtags. I repeat NO MORE!





Sumaira Rajput

Sumaira Rajput is a renowned journalist, writer, influencer, feminist and social speaker. Her by-lines include various renowned publications. She is a traveller and foodie at heart and is based in Islamabad.

Twitter @sumaira_rajput;  facebook: @SumairaaRajput; Instagram: @sumairaraajput; Linkedin: sumaira-rajput

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