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May 7, 2018 Nigeria , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Adamu Usman Garko



Mr Dahiru Kera, Journalist and media consultant declared earnestly to contest the Nafada South State Assembly seat in the forthcoming general election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria’s Gombe state. Kera has been widely known with his optimistic role in distinct trajectory, however brisk in Gombe state, where I’m sure they will testify the gentleman is a pearl for the masses, most especially those who are going through a predicament and have scars.


To add to your knowledge of Kera, he didn’t just go forth declaring based on his own interest, instead he stood to the call of the youth and the masses who sought a reliable and sustainable rule. Kera didn’t cease in his determination but undertook a laborious solution to the constituency. Kera stated “I accept wholeheartedly the call from the able people of this proud constituency to join the race because I am eligible, experienced in politics and sufficiently educated. Let me assure us that this decision was not taken lightly, it was reached only after deep consultations with family, friends, political allies and associates who encouraged me to declare,” he said. The PDP ward chairmen in the constituency congratulated Kera for declaring to contest, saying the people at the grassroots deserved to be represented by only courageous, ambitious and determined fellow such as Kera.


In a collected gesture, the warm people and numerous groups who mustered their concern said “Today, we welcome you wholeheartedly because you are one of our most committed members whose dedication and contribution to the party survival and promotion of the viable programmes and policies of the administration of our leader, Governor Dankwambo while also defending the party in the media war is unequivocal.”


Kera has been a torchlight to the people of Gombe state, he promotes and mentors many social-media-activitists from Gombe state, he deserves this seat and has widely been acknowledged for his contributions to the state at large, not only by Nafada.


Conclusively, people beneath this parasol should consider looking at this man and retaliate even by casting their votes for him as whoever votes for him supports development and contributes to the good work he will undoubtedly offer if elected.





Adamu Usman Garko

Adamu Usman Garko is the author of the eBook Lonely Season, a student, he writes and lives in  Gombe, Gombe state. Nigeria. Poet and Story writer: His poems have appeared in different magazines and journals, and some will be featured in an anthology out soon. Some of my poems have appeared in Tuck Magazine, The Art and Musefair, Praxis.

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