May 15, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ben White




A Disloyal Remark



A White House staff member

Is in the news

Having refused

To apologize publicly

For her comments about John McCain’s

Political position and influence

Articulating her pretense

By saying,

“He’s dying anyway.”


It was a flippant remark

Indicating insensitivity

While also highlighting a stance

That the Senator’s opinions

Don’t matter

And can be discounted.


The staff member

Should be fired –

Not for the remark –

But for forgetting

President Trump’s

Fundamental belief

That dead people vote.






Ben White

Author of the books, Buddha Bastinado Blues and The Kill Gene, Ben White thought he was a poet, only to find out he is not a poet at all. He is a witness. What he writes is testimony.

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