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David Smith




The Ocean’s Crash



They call me slime they call me trash

I’m on my way to meet the Ocean’s Crash

It’s not too far when the path is clear

Whether we’re over there or over here


Someone threw me in the street and it started to rain

The water picked me up it sent me down the drain

The drain was clogged I got stuck on a branch

As the water rose up I jumped on some trash


I was hurried along as the river grew deeper

I was spinning around in the stench and the myre

The water won’t drowned me we fit like a glove

The trash won’t squash me it just pushes and shoves


I finally reached the ocean I could see the sea

I had plenty of friends they were just like me

We wait for the humans who go for a swim

We attach ourselves to her or to him


We give them a virus we make them sick

They have to go to the Dr. to get rid of it

It’s their own faults they know we’re here

Still they act as if they have no fear


The oceans so big we can go anywhere

Humans keep tossing us in without any care

They try to clean us up once in a while

Still we slip through we can’t be kept in a pile






Just One Sunflower



Just One Sunflower, standing very tall, growing in the sun, bending with the wind, absorbing the rain, surviving against the elements, withstanding the chill and dark of night


I saw it from a distance, its height caught my attention, taller as I got closer, just above my head, dark green leaves, thick trunk and branches, all growing towards the light


I watched it for several weeks, checking every day, waiting for the flowers, impatient for them to bloom, finally there’s a bud, slowly it opens up, a little every day


Just One Sunflower, blooming at the top, a wild desert plant, a California native, in its California home, nature in its glory, other buds will flower, their turn to bloom will come






David Smith

Writes poems, lyrics, short stories, songs; 29 videos on You Tube – Search: Dave49erman; plays guitar and has 2 songs in a music publishing company; attended some college courses (Music, various writing, CA History).

Published: 1991 – 2 poems – Expensive Tastes, In This World; 2014 – story – El Pencilero; 2014 – 2 poems – The Ol’ Cowboy, In This World; 2015 – poem – Sacrifice.

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