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Lisa Morris




Bring Me All of You



I want all of you;


I want to sift through complexities

and soak in deep black fathoms

of your thought.


I want your fears,

your hopes,

your dreams;

the first thing

that you think

upon awaking.


I want the inner shouts

you muffle down,

and your passion at its wildest,

when it’s shocking.


I don’t want garden parties

or paper blossoms-

I want the beating heavy heart of you;

its sharpened worries.


I want to take all of it

all of it

into my bosom

and love it tenderly,

sewing up the pieces torn,

lavishing what I am

like a clove-filled salve

that stops the stinging.


My mind is strong and white;

my arms can bear

things that crush.


I want to love you, really.


Bring me more of you,

bring me backstage;


let me stand amidst your universe


and reaching,

kiss each star.






Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris is a freeverse and formalist poet, nature explorer, artist and traveler. Formerly an agent for authors, she is now author of two books, “Your Love is Inconvenient and Sublime” available on Kindle, and “The Sorcerer and Other Poems” available through Rainfall Books. Lisa is married to surrealist Cliff Snell III.

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