May 18, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Richa Chadha




Shades of woman



I am a rainbow and palate of shades

The way I carry my body and the shades I wear, define my ray,


People decide for me, the toss of classy, sassy, chic, boho or slutty

Why don’t I have a freedom to shade my life or style the way I want?


The shades of red define me hot, messy or arouse the deep urge of men

While pink says I am cute


My lips are meant to be shaded and adored,

God has created this beauty that I am proud of


Then why is it so objectionable and characterized

While men mark your character and some women define your background,

Why there’s so much bias and cruelty


My Lips are nude or my body

I can decide the shades to my choice and ordeal


I will not let people decide my standards

The shades of black have never been my rage


My skin color is not my choice

I will not polish it bright or radiant it light


Let’s not look down to the angle of feminism, gender or sex

We are better than the best


Rejoice the choice of your being and salute to the individuality


You are bliss with the shades of your life

Take the right move and walk a straight path…






Richa Chadha 

Richa Chadha has been a journalist for over a decade, starting her carrier with The Pioneer and leading the ranks with some of the most important leadership positions in nationally reputed papers such as The Hindustan Times, credited for many important stories during her tenure at Hindustan Times. Armed with political in-depth understanding, she comes with a rich of experience of covering national and global issues.

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