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Sujoy Bhattacharya




Replete With Nothing



The glass was half full or half empty –

Actually I do not know at all, confused.

I was examining the glass minutely.

I have made a bale of earthenware.

Use once and throw it away- scornfully.

I have made a doll with the filth of my mind.

It was magnetically ugly and it induced me to seduce.

The doll turned out to be a revengeful enigma.

My treasure I hurled into the sea to carry coal

To Newcastle –

without making much ado about …..

My amputated limbs are dancing with

African Zulus.

Posthumous son,

my ability suspected wise technology .

I painted the earth green –

August revolution humanity.

Now my glass is filled in –

full to the brim with what?






Dreadful Drudgery



The river was flowing with infected ripples!

Iron frame corroded continuously for eras together.

Antonio and Cleopatra –

lover’s inspiration sordid

Blooming in the Bohemian realm trampling aside the

Thorns of ambuscade-

conspiracy of juvenile gloom.

I was carrying a basket full of anguished

flowers of futility,

My fabulous sinful aroma

stinking the salubrious weather.

Stooping my wizened head touching the surface

of sympathy,

Bowed spinal cord leaking dynastic fluid!

Deformed zygote congealing haphazardly

to nourish the current of perishing parenchyma.

The church bell was trying in – efficaciously

to revive the hibernating reptiles

before the stipulated period of resurrection.

I was feeding the hermit crabs

with the sermons of

nonviolence soup made delicious

with the spices,

collecting from the stomach of Egyptian mummies






Sujoy Bhattacharya

Sujoy Bhattacharya is a nature poet of India. He loves to write on the strangeness of human psychology. He worships humanity and adore poems as a living deity. Some of his works have been supported by magazines of global repute.

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