Terre del Cerrano in Abruzzo: When tourism and economy merge into one

May 31, 2018 OTHER

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Debora Calomino



If tourism is to be developed in a more sustainable fashion it is essential for the parties concerned to devise specific strategies and initiate concrete actions to develop tourism in coastal regions, taking into account the particular nature of the surrounding environment with the intent of protecting it.


Today, for most stakeholders, the advantages of adopting competitive development measures of a social cohesion requires an efficient productive system which can generate employment and income for all inhabitants and enterprises on-site.


It is about “individual voices” coming together. Their declared aim is to develop partnerships at national and international level intending to encourage even out-of-season tourism of a socially beneficial nature.


Four municipalities in the Italian region of Abruzzo have joined together to implement a marketing project which would affect the territory and is likely to be stretched to other areas of the region.


Overcoming retrospective provincialism and, overall, jointly promoting an area that has so much to offer: On this operating deal relies on the “Terre del Cerrano” project, involving the municipalities of Atri, Pineto, Roseto and Silvi.


Such a merger aims to create a single brand that identifies the area concerning a tourism destination. A compound interest amid sea, nature, gastronomy, art-culture, history-villages are the common elements on which the idea of promotion and enhancement develops.


The project arises via a significant synergy between public-private partnerships meant to give a new economic and tourist momentum throughout the area. A marketing plan has been drawn up intending to define the best of the brand Abruzzo, based on the emotional participation of the tourist, with direct, timely and effective communication.


Mainstream promotional lines like printed materials, websites, videos, and photographs will be flanked by more latest available communication methods, such as the creation of dedicated social channels and the making of an application for smartphones that will allow you to know the territory as best as possible.


Basically, the idea is to give vacationers a positive experience, which gives the longing to return to the destination. The initiative has been developed by the administrations of the four municipalities involved and by the Destination Management Company Riviera dei Borghi Acquaviva.


The expectation is to tap into new tourist flows, moving from destination tourism to motivation tourism, making the most of the ability to network and propose itself as a single destination in the tourism scenario not only regionally, but also open itself within a broader national and international framework.


This territorial marketing project, also represented by the slogan “Vive per Te” wants to call forth an outwards opening that will also be replicated in other strategic regional areas which cover a viable tourism interest.





This article was originally published by Marketing del Territorio and is republished with their kind permission





Debora Calomino

Debra Calomino is a freelance journalist working with tourism and territorial marketing.

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