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Benjamin Chelangat




I Have Seen My Day



I have seen it come and go,

I have seen it break and close

I have watched the clock tick

And the baboons bask

I have seen tears dry

Leaving marks on the cheeks

I have seen wounds heal into scars

Sorrows turn into happiness

And happiness into sorrows

And black hair turn grey

I have seen my day

A day of reckoning

A day of hope

A day of sorrow

A day…

Yet I have lived

A life of humility

A life so imperfect

A life to endure

A life to remember

A life to regret

That, with hope, I have lived


I have seen my day

Dangling and smiling

Gloomy and dark



I will live

And sing a song

And dance to the piper

Above the cloud – the sounder

Of mortal horn.

I have seen my day


Of age racing against time

And of time, against fate.

I have seen my day

Weeping and smiling.






Benjamin Chelangat

My name is Benjamin Chelangat from Eastern Uganda, I am a teacher of English Literature, poet, short story writer and a playwright. I have written around one hundred poems, ten short stories and one play. All unpublished due to financial constraints.

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