June 12, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Adedayo Ademokoya




June 12



It’s neither here nor there

Not even you can see

The president that never ruled

Yet, impacted from the tip of my soul

Listen to the protest from the grave

The coin of honour minted


I can’t see it coming

Drain the gutters of corruption

Lick from the pipe of yesterday

Plush stories of tomorrow

Legends escape the shackles of Hades

To bring smiles to them that desire victory


Toss me from the ocean of doubt

My mind had wandered enough

For the love of humanity, my soul beamed

In the nick of time, freedom of hope given

The march of the heroes past engraved in the sky

In the end, my soul vindicated





Thunder Strike



Thunderstorm that never ceased

Striking hot than you can think

Civility bored out

The fight against words, ink and pen

The strike against the heaped debris

that needs to be washed out

The debts unpaid slitting the

throats of its creditors


Our caregivers jaded

splitting the threads of our lives

Their only weapon; the thunder strike

Menace to the terrestrial life of our tropics

A riddle that remains perennially unsolved

Dashing the hope on the train of life

Only for rights to be redeemed

Our strike more virulent than the thunder strike






Adedayo Ademokoya

Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer who believes that we are beings of emotions. Expression makes human free from the shackles of ignorance. He feels that words are just a combination of letters until passion is infused for the liberation of souls. He loves to motivate, open to learning new things and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Some of his works have appeared on BraveArts Africa, Thought Catalog, Praxis Magazine, Parousia Magazine, Indian Periodical, Kreative Diadem, PenAStory and elsewhere.

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