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Bipul Banerjee




The bookshelf



On the shelf of your heart

Stand upright a series of

Bookish emotions

Sandwiched between

Intellectual chronologies

I stand as an unread


Lusting for your sparkling eyes

Believing, someday

Your delicate fingers

Shall pick me up

Dust off the shambles

Of foggy times


Hold me close at

Your eye’s distance

Scroll through my pages

That have wanted

Only you for long

To feed them with your

Velvet touch


Every word,




Shall come alive


The aerobic organisms

Shall then thrive

On the warmth of

The steamy breath

Exuded by you

On blistering hot

Summer nights…








Drying fertility

Increasing deserts

Struggling survival

The bud

The flower

Reincarnation to



Devoid of beauty

Deserted by butterflies

Starved of lust

Yet surviving

On beds of heat

Harshness of realities


Surrounded by thorns

A barrier

Self imposed

Ensuring insulation

Of hurt

Dare to touch

Be injured

Bruise through

And discover


The softness throbbing

Well within

The masked



A lusted desire

To still live

Love and

Stay forever






Bipul Banerjee

The author is management leader by profession. He has 5 research publications to his name in the field of CRM and two book chapters.

A well read and vastly published poet. Featured among 100 emerging poets of Asia. Featured poet of the month in PoetrySoup.com in 2016-17. Featured poet as contemporary Asian  poets of 2016-17. Featured artist of the week in The 13Alphabet Magazine- 2017-18. 10 international and 15 national poetry publications in paper backs and e-books.

Popularly known as ‘Dusk’ in literary circles  

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