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Kiran Hina




For Your Sake



What did you ask?

What can I do for you?

Then listen!

I can do what you can’t.

I can tear you apart.

And hurt you a lot.

I can make you cry.

Without facing wry.

I can stab your eyes.

And shed the lies.

I can prick your heart.


To skill this art.

With the nails of the sword,

Deep down in the ford.

For your sake.

For your sake.

I can leave you, for you.

I can leave you, for you.


Did you hear..?

I can,

I swear.

Let me feel this fall.

The toughest of all.





He In Me



He owns no face.

But a tiny little soul,

That smells so hard,

Like water, like air.


He has no vision,

Besides my sight.

My voice he only hears,

And speaks to me alone.



From the tuck tuck of his boots

To the tick tick of his watch

Everything sings, sings for me

And the dhak dhak of my soulless heart

beats for him, for him alone

And Belongs to whom

I know, yet not

But feel his presence in me.

Somewhere deep down,

Trickling seeping moving,

Like rains in veins,


In me,

for me.





My Papa



My world centers

in your arms Papa

The threads of your endless love

Weave me in a magnetic body

to which my soul enchants

in a mystical order

As if rotating me


Around you my axis

I spin, as if by some magic

The centripetal one

That keeps me around

You and just you

From where I found

No world outside


I wish I could have wings to fly

To go beyond the space so high

And could do all the things you do

I wish I could resemble you

I tread, I laugh, I speak as you


I want to honor, your name

and brighten it with all the fame


I like the phrase ‘like father like son’

I want to become as like as one






Kiran Hina

I am a teacher and currently am doing my Mphil in English Literature.

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  1. Shakeel February 23, at 20:12

    Just saw your tweet on ehd-e-wafa, and then your pottery For your sake and He in me, waooooo that too good. Aa k sunoo gee inshaAllah live. Regards Shakeel Ktk


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