June 20, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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deb y felio




Once More



I want a do over

like the ones I give to the younger

ones –

try it again, use kind words


I want a do over

like the mulligans given

to golfers

take the shot again – be better


I want a do over

like the ones in football

replay the down

without the penalty


I want a do over

for a country gone

off the rails

and railing


against children

who need parents

who came looking

for a do over


another chance

to be safe at home

with family



I want a do over

for this country –

with kind words

to be better

without the penalty.






deb y felio

deb y felio is a witness poet and essayist living in Boulder CO, USA. She recently retired as a child and family therapist. After years of helping others find their voices and tell their stories for healing, she is now finding hers and using it to create commentary on historic and current events. Her work can be found in many online literary journals.

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