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John Mark Green







He tried to cage and contain you,

drain you of your worth.

Beat you down to nothing,

with relentless fists of words.

He tried to control and de-soul you,

but you are resilient.

Bamboo to his storm,

bending but not breaking,

now taking back your true form.

Courage building like a tsunami,

ready to lay waste

to his city of empty promises.

You will rise above his shallow ruins

like the moon in all her fullness;

free and beautiful, so luminous.

His hungry night tried to devour you,

but you made your own light

which darkness could not swallow.

He is hollow, and aimless,

but you carry life hidden within;

a seedling, growing skyward

toward the sun of better things.

His heart is salted earth,

his body a walking mausoleum.

He loves control and fears freedom,

mistaking intimidation for true power

and captivity for devotion.

Devoid of emotion, he’s dead inside,

and he wanted to bury you with him

in a graveyard of lies.

But you will rise.

You will shine.

You will.

You are so much more powerful than him.







John Mark Green

John Mark Green is an IT geek by profession and a writer by passion. His work has appeared in The Wittenburg Door, River Poets Journal, Full Moon Rising, and Poemology Magazine. He is currently working on a collection of short stories and poetry called Tales of an Inconvenient Heart.

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