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Britain’s Greater Manchester Police and Caribbean BOT Bermuda Police Service (BPS) officers collaborated on June 4, 2018 to arrest two Bermudian men, wanted for contravening Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006. The twenty-four year old and twenty-three year old men rented a residence on Victoria Avenue, Blakeley, Manchester, UK but were evicted for non payment of rent.


The landlord reported to police that he found a suspicious looking bucket with plastic boxed taped to its sides. He also uncovered electrical tools and pictures of guns in the rented premises. Greater Manchester Police responding officers discovered camouflage body paint, knives, ninja weapons known as bear claws, balaclavas, combat fatigues and Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda. Counter Terrorism Policing North West detectives have taken over the probe.


In January 2018 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF acting on shared Western intelligence intercepted operational British ISIS ‘Beatles’ in Syria. Two survivors of a four man British ISIS militant cell called “The Beatles,” originally led by “Jihad John,” were among detained IS foreign fighters. In 2015 Jihad John was removed by a US drone strike. The SDF used biometric tests to identify the suspects.


ISIS ‘Beatles’ member Aine Lesley Davis currently occupies a Turkish jail cell, his statements shared with London and Washington. The twenty-nine year old ISIS ‘Beatles’ detainee is renowned for water-boarding, mock executions, crucifixions and jailer duties. His thirty-four year old partner from Shepherd’s Bush, London, as a guard in Syria specialized in beheadings and extreme torture, especially electronic shocks.


In February 2018 British internal security officials introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that detects ISIS propaganda videos with ninety-nine percent accuracy. The £600,000 ASI Data Science program also blocks identified videos from being published. The unique AI software is engineered to prevent ISIS from monopolizing second-tier social media platforms to broadcast Jihadist misinformation.


The ASI Data Science software test was calibrated using one thousand ISIS videos. The technology can be utilized to detect terrorist rhetoric across a range of video streaming and downloading sites in real time. The counter-terrorism program has the capability of “isolating subtle signals” within a video, labelling it as propaganda, or distinguishing it from a news report.





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Ricardo Swire is the Principal Consultant at R-L-H Security Consultants & Business Support Services and writes on a number of important issues.

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