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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha




The Girl Child



Immorality devours her purity

Immaturity declines her puberty

Carnality defiles her virginity

Society abhors her liberty

Insensitivity derobes her dignity

And audacity scars her cavity.


Poor creature

Child of nature;

Victim of culture

Feast for vulture.


Lubricity takes her to the city

Ambiguity finds her guilty

Liquidity buries every pity,

Poverty vibrates her mentality

Inhumanity ceases her ability,

And community robs her integrity.


The girl child

Growing mild,

The girl child

Blown wild.


Curiosity tortures her humility

Nobility abuses her sincerity

Polity violates her identity

Nationality forbids her minority

Dynasty truncates her popularity

And majority reject her simplicity.


She is a legion

Bound in a region,

Locked in religion

Without any union.


Gravity pulls her opportunity

Stupidity humiliates her crudity,

Brutality tears her nudity

Alacrity keeps her in captivity

Sovereignty cuts her longevity

And profanity burns her personality.


It is a man’s world,

He is the lord

He cuts her cord

With his sharp sword.


Reality makes her a liability

Cruelty buys her as commodity

Superiority fights her in generality

Inferiority condemns her as celebrity

Maternity becomes her priority

And enmity murders her, eternity.


None is close

Her bleeding nose,

Just like a rose

Good for prose.


Sexuality donates her as utility

Sterility binds her fertility

Pomposity orders her severity,

Paternity promotes her obesity

Disunity builds her obscurity

And familiarity whips her perpetuity.


Confined to tradition

Pushed to suffocation

Held for strangulation

Slaughtered for celebration.






Ponder Anew



Lean somewhere very clean

Test if needful, protest,

Ride and get a bride

Guard and be a vanguard,

Pair and never despair

Store all you cannot restore,

Tend but never pretend



Tick and also stick

Pin and never spin,

Mark with good remark

Row even in sorrow,

Roll and also scroll

Press never to impress,

Patch before a despatch



Think and have a rethink

Claim all you proclaim,

Treat well never mistreat

Order and rule the border,

Still the noise to instil

Eat and have a seat,

Reach out and preach



Dress bearing your address

Vice well and advice,

Turn and give in return

Take everything at stake,

Shake not only handshake

Pat even if you spat,

Pend and not depend







The Bleeding Globe About To Give Up



It may not take her longer

For she has been in hunger,

She may not grow wider

For everything is her divider,

She has been in pain

Losing all things in vain;

She is about to give up.


She has battled with famine

Stepping across the red line,

She has fought for the mine

Hoping just to be fine,

She passed ninety and nine

Indulging in strong wine,

She is about to give up.


Each day, a new blast

Towering like a mast,

Not much is done fast

Killing more than the last,

As she hopes for a ‘past’

On nothing, her hope is cast,

She is about to give up.






Daft Scammers



Daft scammers

Neither creative nor brilliant,

Analog, archaic and obsolete

Old game, old pattern, old tactics

Same story, same message, same need.


Daft scammers

Offbeat, off balance, offline

Odd pitch, rough play

Wise fools.






Words On My Mirror



Serving is best with passion and worst with greed.


Life is a trash, unfortunately materialism hides this blunt truth.


Conscience is the costliest thing on earth. It is amazing how the rich hardly affords it while the poor strives.


Smart people get away with stinking issues whereas the otherwise get buried in no issues.


Honest people are not weak. Cheats are neither clever; they are big cowards.


Stingy people do not understand the freedom in helping others.


Those who should help, do not do so because they think and believe that, it pays to remain a lord.


Our individual principles and policies are our individual core values.


Whatever eats deep our fabric, leaves us as skeleton, it lasts longer than our breath.


The environment is a major stakeholder and shareholder in our lives, however the percentage of the shares it holds depends on how much we allow it buy or spend.








Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha Is a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems in over ten countries. Her two longest poems of 355 and 560 verses are available on amazon, THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN respectively. She is a passionate African ink.

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