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Anushka Vashishth




The Mistake



Among the specks of dust and rock,

He rose above all to mock.

The supremacy of His ultimate power,

Merging in air as seeds in a flower.


Bored, He became,

Thought of creating a game.

This made Him make the galaxies and planets,

Shining stars to shine as a facade.


Green and Blue were His favourite colours,

Used them to create something vibrant.

Meddling with all things that can be bound,

That’s how a beautiful world was found.


Green were the pastures, the oceans blue,

Invading the land were not some few.

From a single cell to multi-celled,

Stories of evolution, the books now tell.


Hissing snakes, and chirping birds,

The beauty of nature was beyond words.

The rustling of wind, and whooshing waves,

All these made the cradle of life to rock.


Man was created in the last,

Because He wanted to play a game fast.

Of creating new models of an entire new species.


Tired, He became making all these!!

Gave some power to His latest creation- Human.

And went to rest in peace in Heavens,

To watch the game Man plays in stages seven.


As newborn, he opened his tiny inquisitive eyes to see beauty all around.

As, a toddler played in the lap of nature, letting the time forgo.

As a boy plucked a few flowers from the garden nearby,

To make a tiara for his mother who sung him a lullaby.


As a teenager, sang sonnets in same garden for his lady love,

As an adult with his children, painted the picture of a dove.

But one fine day his mind lost all sense,

Destroyed the garden to make a fence.

To protect his mechanical ‘Trees’.


Earned a lot of mullah by ruining the nature more,

Inspired the next generation for the same to encore.

White clouds were replaced by dark,

And the chirping of birds no longer survived in the din of the blowing horns.


Old and grey when he became,

Missed the sounds of the birds and the fresh smell of flowers again.

Told his grandchild, “In our time, there was beauty of nature everywhere”

The same age- old adage every grandparent narrates.

But failed to realise, maybe this all was his mistake.






Anushka Vashishth

Anushka Vashishth is a currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from UIPS, Panjab University. A nineteen year old, she is actively participating in social activities as a Rotaractor. A passionate writer, she has written many poems and short stories. Her first poem was published in her School magazine when she was in 6th standard. Now-a-days she is working on her novel “Forever Yours” whose fanfic version is available on fanfiction.net under the penname Kristie20. She aspires to become a successful novelist.

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