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Jashanpreet Singh




Lead Me The Way



petals in my hands pleading,

throw me hard,

throw me strong,

that I, get liberated and move on.


O’ my master!

O’ the king of kings!!

where shall I commence,

I have no idea where to begin.


I am the sinner you heard of,

I am the unworthy you know of,

I am the manmukh you speak of,

aspiring to be the gurmukh, the world needs.


I have pushed every door,

lead me to the right door,

door without words ‘I’ and ‘Me’,

without sins, injustice and hatred.


save my soul from wrath,

carve a way that looks so exciting,

lead me my sachey patshah on the spirited path,

helping my soul to eventually break free.


I will go with the flow and let things be,

my faith in you is much stronger than in myself.

immerse me in your kindness,

soak me in your love.

let me see you in all creations,

let me see you everywhere,

let me see you in times of happiness,

and in times of deeper grief.


put your hands on this humble spirit,

to recite your pavitr name,

my heart yearns for your saroop,

that opens the doors for liberation,

of my soul!!






Sachey patshah: true emperor

Pavitr: pious,

Saroop: beautiful image.

Manmukh: one who follows one’s mind and desires

Gurmukh: to be in personality and character of gurus






Jashanpreet Singh

Jashan Preet Singh is currently pursuing B.Pharmacy from University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab university, Chandigarh. Inspired by the works of Malala Yousafzai .He aspires to become a human rights activist and social worker in order to make society a really liveable place for all. He firmly recognises the whole human race as one. Jashan hails from the beautiful city of Ludhiana, Punjab.

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