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Madhu Jaiswal




Books – The Endless Treasure



Books, books, books.

How beautiful are they?



A treasure I cherish.

I find millions of them.

Soaring dreamlike in the sky of my mind.

A world of endless sagas.

Vividly portraying imageries.

In front of my eyes.

Casting a spell all over.

Sagas of tyranny.

Various leaders.

Survival instincts.

Stories that connect.

Love lorn to love lost.

Nature rhyming in symphony.

Luring musings of ecstasy.

Role models and countrymen.

Horror and fiction.

Life stories.

Autobiographical surveillance.

Tales of glory, gory stories.

Statistics of unending numerologicals.

All tending to teach the specification of life.

Hero and heroines.

Of bygone eras.

Romancing in placid zones.

Fighting skills.

War and peace.


To be there.

Experience and learn.

Don’t be a moron.

In new provision.

Enrichment of mind and soul.

Today and tomorrow.

Forever it is.









The gurgling stream comes out from the mouths of Himalayan range

Flowing, baring all hurdles in its paths

Playing ecstatically like a juvenile

bubbly, eccentric, fresh and opaque.

Sometimes mischievous, sometimes sober.

The waterstream flowing towards the terrains.

Now it tends to become calm and quiet.

Beautiful, flourishing just like a growing up girl child.

Flowing softly steadily towards its destination.

Leaving behind its adolescence, that which portrayed a chirpy young girl.

The river flows myriad like the life goes on.

Frivolous saga of endless ongoing amplitudes of life.

Moving gradually towards its destination where it meets the sea.

Merging in it, losing itself selflessly to form a new identity.

Just like a young woman leaving behind everything.

And mixing up with her new family after marriage taking its name.

As a new chapter of her life’s story begins






Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is a bilingual poet who is born and based in Kolkata (India).

She is a homemaker who found her passion in writing. Her poetries and short stories have featured in various anthologies and e-zines. Madhu is a compassionate and friendly person who believes in humanity and volunteers for the cause. Her write-ups show a vivid imagery of life’s enthralments and nuances.

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