August 1, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Gauri Dixit







Colours of the parrot wings rub on my shoulders

I wait for the wings to sprout from the green boulders

The atmosphere is electrified with anticipation, even the wind has paused

The bird is unaware of the commotion that it has caused


Time doesn’t stop as the day approaches noon

In a few hours the Sun will set, making way for the Moon

I do not flinch, I do not move, wings will appear soon

Hopeless optimism has always been my boon


With rising temperature the green fades

Those grey shades are definitely not the parrot’s jade

Anyway, wings of any colour are better than the green grass blades

I don’t waver, I don’t bat an eyelid, positivity I have in spades


It is dark now, all colours have gone black

Wings are nowhere to be seen even the parrot has folded his back

For not moving sooner I am busy giving myself flak

Not an inch of progress, now who will cut me some slack?









Pain appears

As dew drops

On the pages of poetry

To dissipate with the morning

Leaving poetry

Dry, lackluster, stark

Craving for the dark






Gauri Dixit

A software professional from Pune (India), Gauri writes English poetry and short stories. Her poems have been featured in multiple Indian and international anthologies. She is a regular contributor to many poetry pages and e-zines of repute such as Destiny Poets UK, Duane’s Poetree, Glomag, Kubili Cafe, Learning & Creativity, Mind Creative, Spillwords and Stanzaic Stylings. She recently won the ‘Reuel International Prize for the Most Promising Poet – 2018’. She loves reading, photography and traveling.

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