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Samuel junior Irusota




Where Was Justice?



Where was justice?

The day Lady justicia was raped?

her eyes sealed with a blindfold

And her thighs invaded

Without any leniency in the temple of Justice


Where was justice?

when his Lordship

Stood the Law on his head?

Pronouncing the guilty innocent

And Pronouncing the innocent guilty


Where was justice?

the day your Lordship

turned the scale of Justice

in exchange for fat envelopes

And a cash stashed Ghana-must go?


Where was justice?

The day the temple of Justice

was desecrated by ambitious Litigants

Who came with cash to grease his Lordship’s palm


Where was justice?

The day his Lordship

discharge and acquitted the accused

For rape of a two year old girl!


Where was justice?

The day his Lordship

Sentenced our fat bellied politicians

Who stole in millions and billions to two years imprisonment!


When was justice?

The day your Lordship

Pronounced the innocent guilty

And the guilty innocent


Where was justice?

The poet asks

Justice where are you?






I Am Freedom Of Information



I am freedom of information…

I speak in lines you can feel

I speak in letters you can see

I speak in verses and stanzas

I’m an access to public information


I’m freedom of information

I’m a voice to the voiceless

I’m a home to the homeless

I’m a hope to hopeless

a right to freedom of expression


I’m freedom of information

I speak in lines you can feel

I speak in verses you can see

I speak in thoughts that you think

I’m an access to government information


I’m freedom of information

I ensure Credibility

I ensure transparency

I ensure accountability

I’m freedom of information









Dishonorables are

The political overlords

Who are called honourable

Yet they are dishonorable


Dishonorables are

The political elite

Who demand money for vote

Men without conscience and oath


Dishonorables are

The dubious political leaders

Without vision and mission

Men fit for construction

But blinded with greed and corruption


Dishonorables are

The leaders of today

Men at the corridors of power

Who neglect the democratic order


Dishonorables are

The corrupt political aspirants

Men who buy votes with money

Becoming willing tools in the hands

Of corrupt political overlords


Dishonorables are

Looters of our common wealth

Men without honor and conscience

Who delight in looting public wealth


Dishonorables are

All of us

Without integrity

Men who disregard probity






Samuel junior Irusota

Samuel junior Irusota is an award winning poet,essayist and currently a 500 level Law student at Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma Edo state Nigeria. He is also the Lead Rep of AAU poets in Nigeria (PIN) connect Centre.

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  1. Idonije Saint August 07, at 23:49

    Enter your comment here...nice one from my learned senior college, your lines amazed me, keep the saying through pen and let them know the mightiness of the pen (weapon).


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