August 8, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nasir Soomro




Life of Transgender



Everyone pushes me away,

Beastly humans devour me as prey,

With salty tears, I cry,

Disowned and disavowed,

No hand to hold me

No hug to offer me,

Something kills inside me everyday,

The world cuts me bitterly

But now it’s over and out,

I won’t cry, no more;

My life, my rules,

I will break the walls of silence,

I will grow strong, robust and rugged, Seek sunny side of life,

Leaving false shades behind me,

I will embrace my mind and body,

I won’t boil my blood,

I will accept the world and my sexuality.




Dedicated to Natalie Egan, Founder and Chief Exective, Translator 






Nasir Soomro

Nasir Soomro is from Pakistan, he is working with the Energy Department, at the Government of Sindh, Pakistan. He is author of the book, ‘Peaks and Perils of Life’ (English Poetry) and is currently working on his semi-autobiographical novel in English.

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