August 10, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Rick Davis




Donald & His Cabinet



Donald has surrounded himself

with witches and dragons who give

peace & justice their toxic dare.


He sports coal black plumage

and an ugly orange crown.


His plastic heart sneers while he displays

a horrendous frown.


His frozen puppets scream strange crude melodies

piercing the warm hearts of loving families,

while painting hex-signs on their own

antiseptic black vehicles.


Donald tortures, speaking scripted hoodoo

while his victims, innocent children and parents,

merely ask for love —


But Donald is the enemy of their souls.







Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate programs.  He is married, and has over 700 published poems.

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  1. bert cisneros August 10, at 19:03

    Well said, Rick. Beautifully expressed, many Kudos. It is nice to read there are others who see the emperor as he really is.


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