August 14, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Penn Kemp




Doctrine of Signatures



Seasons have their hues: ours is sun-steeped

translucence lit from within till it brims over.

Interjections interrupt a trail we conceive as real:


the present as gift, as presence, the only possible

way through, way in. Memories weigh in wedged

as if they were real. Futures impinge as if secure.


Females dun beside their bolder mates, gold-

finch cross the sky in graceful loops of liquid

flight and song, sway on green fronds that bow


under light weight to the doctrine of signatures.

Cedar or Bohemian Waxwings twitter among

bare boughs on their way warmward.


Goldfinch, cardinal, dragonfly, all hightailing it

on the updraft, waiting for wind to shift at the red

round of setting sun.


The flock alight and lift on a single breath. South,

south, sweet wind carry them safe. Light



Goldenrod scimitars flash solid arabesques of late

summer, late afternoon, late in our lives for such

luminous entrance.






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Penn Kemp

Penn Kemp is an activist Canadian poet, playwright and editor.  Her latest works are Local Heroes, and the forthcoming Fox Haunts. Recent books include Barbaric Cultural Practice and two anthologies edited, Women and Multimedia and Performing Women. See www.pennkemp.weebly.com.

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