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Mahfuz Rahman




Forlorn Island



You take a seat near to, very closer you are.

Your respiration could be felt by my heart.

Thus, I feel desolate, you too.

Silence spreads over the chamber.

Forlorn two islands are arisen there!

Nothing spiritualness exists amidst love.

Look that love once was full of with dreams-

is now desperate, roaming to and fro.

Darling, did the shattering sounds of broken dream touch your heart ever?

Did you feel? Do you?

Love–you called crystal like – has been melted to soften,

love had and love has

D I S T A N C E long!

So many questions

are raised against our love.






Love so far



You and Me- between us

a bridge is cemented;

crazy love it is.


Do you remember how much the love was?

Unfathomable and so promised, didn’t it?

Could it be easily gathered in mind? ever!

Have to pay it with tears;

Also with untold agonies.


Our madly bonding once used to be called

‘made for each other’.

How lies!

Now nothing has been prevailed over, but



Alone solitude has intimately accompanied us

by the cherished pain along with some unforgettable footprints of time.

And love lives so far.






Mahfuz Rahman

Mahfuz Rahman, an academic, have completed his Hon’s and Masters in the discipline English Literature from International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh. Recently his Bengali romantic poetry “Suvro Megh Aralee Bishonno Akash” has been published. He writes English and Bengali poems as well.

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