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Bhagirath Routh




Delhi My Name



Seven-Three-Six! Tomaras came, gave me a name.

Chauhanas, Mamluks, Khaljis, Tughlaqs, Sayyids, Lodis,

Mughals and the rest till now followed the same.

Mughals w’re knocked and broken by Sher Shah Suri.

Followed Suris Hemu. Humayun invaded with fury;

Regained the hold. Akbar founded the durable base.

He and his race! Dressed me; endowed my breast and face.

Marathas reigned. The Company captured. Arrived mighty British.

Spread and revamped! Grand Mughals began to decay and finish!

Baker and Lutyens, in brain, brought the West trend and sculpture.

The British adorned me with their art and culture.

In our prime, the British gone! Our children rose to power.

Wow! Dynasties’ annals died out. Still Delhi am I, thy glorious bower!






Bhagirath Routh

Bhagirath Routh is an ELT Editor, Creative Content Writer and blogger. Born and brought up in the village Baburampathra of Jhargram District in West Bengal, India. He is graduated in Humanities and Masters in English. He is also a Digital Marketing Consultant trained in Delhi School of Digital Marketing. He worked as an ELT Editor for Parul Prakashani Pvt. Ltd. housed in Kolkata, Anand Books International and as a Senior Editorial Assistant for Techbooks International in Delhi NCR. He worked for Mascot Education Pvt. Ltd. as a Moral Science writer for K–10 segments. Currently, he lives in Delhi and works for Elegant Publishers Pvt Ltd.

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