August 17, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION



Debjani Mukherjee




Execution of the Vermin



You are the vermin I want to kill

Rendering the life out of you,

I yearn to leer the sight of your death

You are the renegade, the viper hissing on the nip of my neck

Burning with the desire to strangle my soul

To torture my tender heart making it quiver to its core

You abut on my teeny body allowing it to

Shrivel in shame

I call you uncle. What an utterly respectful name!

But here you stand flagrant, plundering my childhood away

As I scuffle to free myself from the clasp of your impious touch, but fail to my dismay

You tyrannise my little mould stifling my powerless strive

No you are no human, you the dweller of a satanic cult

A demonic shadow grasping my innocence to the murk

And now I will slaughter you, spilling the last drop of your blood

Feasting on your impure soul, slayed by a bullet’s thud.





Debjani Mukherjee

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