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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha




This Or That Falling Us Apart



If it is not religion

Then it is war,

If it is not politics

Then it is violence,

If it is not crude oil

Then it is toxic waste,

If it is not bombing

Then it is brutality,

If it is not racism

Then it is terrorism;

We are falling apart.


If it is not rape

Then it is exploitation,

If it is not famine

Then it is scarcity,

If it is not disease outbreak

Then; underdevelopment,

If it is not starvation

Then it is humiliation,

If it is not genocide

Then it is homicide;

We are falling apart.


If it is not crime

Then it is immorality,

If it is not decadence

Then it is armed robbery,

If it is not superstition

Then it is poverty,

If it is not unemployment

Then it is prostitution,

If it is not gangsterism

Then it is cultism;

We are falling apart.


If it is not rockets

Then chemical weapons,

If it is not hate

Then it is enmity,

If it is not affliction

Then it is tribulation,

If it is not discrimination

Then it is inequality,

If it is not prejudice

Then it is injustice;

We are falling apart.


If it is not earthquake

Then it is landslide,

If it is not hurricane

Then it is tsunami,

If it is not volcano

Then it is crisis,

If it is not typhoon

Then it is shipwreck,

If it is not plane crash

Then it is train crash;

We are falling apart.


If it is not bribery

Then it is corruption,

If it is not business

Then extrajudicial killing,

If it is not frame-up

Then it is betrayal,

If it is not denial

Then it is duping,

If it is not greediness

Then it is selfishness;

We are falling apart.


If it is not gender

Then it is abuse,

If it is not lust

Then it is jealousy,

If it is not envy

Then it is power,

If it is not culture

Then it is situation,

If it is not audacity

Then it is authority;

We are falling apart.


If it is not anger

Then it is revenge,

If it is not society

Then it is pressure,

If it is not pollution

Then strayed bullet,

If it is not infatuation

Then it is heartbreak,

If it is not fantasy

Then it is fanaticism;

We are falling apart.


If it is not kingdom

Then it is principality,

If it is not rulership

Then it is election,

If it is not government

Then it is citizenry,

If it is not assassination

Then it is blackmail,

If it is not rumour

Then it is clamour;

We are falling apart.


If it is not slavery

Then it is apartheid,

If it is not nightfall

Then it is pride,

If it is not intimidation

Then it is arrogance,

If it is not supremacy

Then it is unrest,

If it is not agitation

Then it is maginalization;

We are falling apart.






This My Clueless Change



Strike, sack, retrench and retire

Progressive change

Retrogressive ‘egnahc’?


Did I bargain for agony,

Dilemma, coma, and karma?

So changeful a clue

So clueless a change?


Does this my clueless change

Need a clue or glue to turn it blue?

Or a screw to help it chew and brew?

Or a crew to make new the dew?

Or it has come to stew the few it drew?


I await the Messiah

Because I am clueless

Right now I need the change in chains

Or am I changeless?






Time And Chance



History points at the past,

Memory registers the present,

Hope fashions the future.

Fed; they grow

Starved; they die.

However, our missions and visions keep us going for those who are determined.

With time and events, life could be thinner and longer or smaller and unnoticeable like a shadow.

The earlier we separate realities from dreams, the better for us because diamond spoon and wooden spoon are parallel.

Fervently do i pray, earnestly do i hope that this mighty scourge of falsehood, pretence, subterfuge, camouflage, deceit, sabotage, fakery and lies may speedily pass over us.






Words On My Mirror



Everything is a sample, we all are samples too.


If you have a dream, you are pregnant, no rest until you deliver.


No matter how i love and long for luxury, i did not actually come for it.


Our tentacles are meant to be spread, spread yours.


Every giant has a tip, tips make up giants.


The least of attempts can produce the best of results. There is power in insight.


Everything is normal, only extraordinary things sustain the resonance.


If you dream the world, you rule the world. If you dream yourself, you rule yourself.


To those around, you may be wasting time but if you maintain your divine lane, you must arrive.


As a runner, taking off before time disqualifies you, after time, you may come last but at the right time, chances are that you will succeed.








Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha Is a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems in over ten countries. Her two longest poems of 355 and 560 verses are available on amazon, THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN respectively. She is a passionate African ink.

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