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Adedayo Ademokoya




Dirge For The Swallowed Mountain



In Gold Coast

You were made of gold

The dross made you shiny

In the noisome pestilence, your mountain found it’s firm deep root

It erupted a volcano of trust

I can still see the emblem of diplomacy crawling out from your mouth

Silky and brainy

Fiery and fair

Those sparkling eyes sight peace

Your tongue wrote tranquility on earth’s gate

Eagle’s eye appreciating smartness

Your flair for serenity never compromised


Your words melted the ice king of Iraq

Ensuring the strongholds of war in your palms

Your graciousness never ends

Exotic diamonds

Luxurious golds

Your indelible imprints conquer all

This ink weeps as the earth quakes

Greedily gulping the emblem of peace

Your leave breaks the world of its backbone

Your legacy not only engraved

On the rock of time but also

In the temple of men’s hearts


Kofi, you’ve gone

You live on

Till we meet

In heaven’s Paradise.






Life Drama



The comfort zone is the war front of deceit

Climbing on the mountain of sand

Sitting on the time bomb of luck

Yet, the compass of victory was lost

The fury that creates new fears among foes

The lord that breeds infamy in the land

Voices that raise the river in a well

Pushing down the impossibilities of the future

The cascading hairs of the beauty

Whitewashed the courage of the beast

The chirping birds never cease to buzz

Calling the name of the valiant warrior

Even the arms are the charms of potion that heals all.






The City Of Possibilities



I hear the humming cars

Catalyzing the movement of folks of diverse cultures, colours and beliefs

Oh, the greatest gift of nature given, smiling at the polished pathways

The mirage wooing the flowers to smile at the joy of the morning

The orchestrating performances of the conductors

Dictate the tune of awareness that followed the rasp voices

From the hideous ghettos of Ajegunle and Mushin

Mama never takes a break from her exquisite cuisines of optimism

Victoria Island, the queen city and Maryland the city of hope

The chivalrous spark cheerfully giving traffic orders

Serenade me, Festac town of celebrities

My hustling Ojuelegba never slumbers

Mamma mia, my mind vibrates at the vibes of Osodi, the home of the sojourners

The tantalizing skills of Alaba outwit the smartest

This is the place where the dexterity of the old is in the strength of

their grey hairs

And the enthusiasm of the young is in their voice.

Welcome to the commercial strength of Nigeria

Welcome to the city of Lagos.






Adedayo Ademokoya

Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer who believes that we are beings of emotions. Expression makes human free from the shackles of ignorance. He feels that words are just a combination of letters until passion is infused for the liberation of souls. He loves to motivate, open to learning new things and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Some of his works have appeared on BraveArts Africa, Thought Catalog, Praxis Magazine, Parousia Magazine, Indian Periodical, Kreative Diadem, PenAStory and elsewhere.

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