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Daniel Ajayi




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Kofi Atta Annan



When the time rang its bell

It was a name that dropped on the bus stand

When the maker made you fine

For you are destined not to be cornered

You must have known to raise your head

You must have felt the pain of straining those eyes

You must have gotten enough only to see kind smiles


When the angels were coming

We all thought their journey would be longer

But flap their wings to Bern

She said it was a peaceful raid

But it gunned down the life we cherished

Like handling the toast and hearing bullets shout

Like preaching the gospel and hearing faces crying

Like climbing the ladder of success and death comes knocking


When we saw through those doors you carved

It was a free town beyond humans’ mind

Though you had the shares of a lion

And had mount mistake but that priced the future

At young you were with those energies

At old you tried casting those allergies

You tried fulfilling promises of gentlemen and ladies

But your bed won’t let you down and

For we understood the languages you speak.






Daniel Ajayi

Daniel Ajayi practices the belief that feelings are to be expressed in writing, which allow him to enjoy what he’s doing best. He is currently working on an M.A in organization behavior. Some of his Poems have appeared in Tuck Magazine, Indian Periodical, Bravearts Africa, The Parousia Magazine, KreativDiadem, Ovi magazine and Sierra Leone web. He resides in Nigeria, there he writes to the world.

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