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The issue of rascal law enforcement personnel, working directly with powerful transnational drug cartels, is best highlighted in Mexico’s police system. During 2014 the Mexican Federal Police four-member squad, assigned to probe a series of resident disappearances, was kidnapped. CARICOM intelligence data highlighted a black SUV that pulled alongside the Federal agents’ vehicle and forced it to stop. The three males and one female agent aboard were abducted by rogue Tamaulipas municipal police officers on the Zetas Cartel payroll.


The masked officers armed with AK-47 and AR-15s stripped naked the four detained Federal agents and tortured them for three hours in municipal police headquarters. The captives were later driven to an isolated wooded area and released. In September the same year scoundrel Iguala Guerrero municipal police kidnapped, tortured and incinerated forty-three students. The rogue Tamaulipas municipal police squad functioned as “halcones” or “hawks” for their Zetas boss.


Three months later Mexico’s government introduced the “Mando Unico” or “Single Command.” The method was supposed to replace 1,800 municipal police forces with one unit for each of 32 states. In May 2018 Mexican internal security officials uncovered that 113, of 185, western San Martin Texmelucan municipal police officers were “not authorized for duty.”


On Thursday August 23, 2018 an enforcement team comprised of Ministry of Public Security, the Army, Federal Police Intelligence Unit and General Prosecutor’s Office of the State, seized control of Ithacan in central Puebla State. 205 active municipal police officers were disarmed, 113, including the municipal police director, are on the run. Mexico’s central state Puebla is a key criminal corridor known as “Red Triangle.” The area is a CJNG/Los Zetas warzone.


CARICOM intelligence reports recapped the January 2014 incident where an unidentified gunman attacked a bar that boasted authentic Sinaloa ambiance in the Avenida Juárez district. Two patrons were injured and bullet holes remain a permanent fixture. On August 13, 2015 seven corpses were discovered wrapped in blankets with bullet wounds and bound feet, in the town of Acateno north of Puebla adjoining Veracruz.





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