September 4, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Penn Kemp







In the space of a year Ula has learned to sit,

to stand, to walk, to totter forward in a run.


She has seen one full round of the seasons.

She wraps her family round her little finger.


Now just before dusk we stroll hand in hand

to witness the evening ritual of geese return.


Gliding along the Thames in formation, they

skim overhead, flapping slow time in synch.


She studies their procedure, dropping my hand

to edge forward, neck outstretched, arms aero-


dynamically angled. She flaps and flaps along

the bank, following their flight, ready for that


sudden lift. Again, again, till the last goose has

flown. Dragging her heels home, disconcerted,


she braces her body against the rising breeze,

bewildered that she too can’t take off to sky


but game to try again tomorrow, convinced

the birds’ secret will soon belong to her.




The video, “Believe”, is by Mary McDonald in collaboration with Penn Kemp.






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Penn Kemp

Penn Kemp is an activist Canadian poet, playwright and editor.  Her latest works are Local Heroes, and the forthcoming Fox Haunts. Recent books include Barbaric Cultural Practice and two anthologies edited, Women and Multimedia and Performing Women. See www.pennkemp.weebly.com.

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