September 4, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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deb y felio




Let Them Live



Please let them live

so they give witness

of true retribution

meted out for justice


Do not let their bodies

be incarcerated

but display them

once they’ve been eviscerated


Only the offending parts

would need to be addressed

per ancient law

no more should be pressed


First start with the eyes

who saw the victim

plucked out one by one

so no longer will tempt them


The tongues that planned

the evil act

cut out then in their

mouths stuffed back


Then the hands, the fingers

that meanly grabbed the girl

cut off one by one

as they are uncurled


Then the feet that rushed her away

without a thought of her ever

each toe sliced off

then the whole foot severed


Their dicks now final

cut inch by inch

until nothing is left

except a pinch


Together sinned

together they pay

in full light

and on display


Let all the women

give voice to this sight

Let them stand strong and with honor

They’re winning this fight


So yes let the criminals

receive all there’s to give

and wish they would die

every day they must live.














deb y felio

deb y felio is a witness poet and essayist living in Boulder CO, USA. She recently retired as a child and family therapist. After years of helping others find their voices and tell their stories for healing, she is now finding hers and using it to create commentary on historic and current events. Her work can be found in many online literary journals.

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