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Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy




Few Are Those



Ages before, even after advent of civilization

There’s no change in the nature of human,

Always vying to prove supremacy over others

Plans are often hatched to dethrone others.


Such a tendency, if gets deeper and deeper

How can millions of victims be provided succor?

Unless such evil designs are vigilantly uprooted

How can ethics of “Human Rights” be inculcated?


The dangerous conflicts and devastating wars

The ever-destructive and merciless acts of terror;

Often establish, we often endorse a clandestine role

Is not this selfishness a cause of concern for us all?


‘Peace’ as pretext, human habitats get bombarded

Women and children, later abused and battered;

For whose sake, these horrifying wars are fought

Leaving shelterless millions at borders as migrants.


Like a fading ray of hope in the darkest tunnel

Few are those who aspire, ‘Human Rights’ prevail

Lo elusive ‘Rights’! Can you quench this thirst?

To assert, we live without any disparity and disgust.






Beautiful And Peaceful



Oh Earth and nature! Both are so very beautiful

To every living being they give a view, delightful;

But, of what mind-set the worldly beings are?

The essential life-givers, if they intently ignore.


Oh orphaned child! How deplorable you look

Your beautiful heart indeed is a confined book;

You starve and deeply thirst for a humane hug

Wonder, is the world wrapped with a cruel rug.


Oh war craving rebels! Of what use a living is

If innocents razed to death, instead of offering bliss;

Saving a life, is akin to conferring a new lease of life

Will it not please the heart if you share others grief.


Of what use is piling of disastrous nuclear weapons

Is it not a grave threat to own soil and co-humans;

Living beings are beautiful, the world will be beautiful

If we share peace and concern with a heart, dutiful?


If we open our heart with a true sense of righteousness

If we honestly apply the ‘discriminate power’ within us;

Everything looks beautiful, every heart appears beautiful

The present and future, shall be beautiful and peaceful.






Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy

Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy, a prolific poet and review writer, Telangana State, India, has been composing poetry for over 25 years. As of now, of the 2,000 poems composed, nearly 1,500 poems appeared in various magazines, journals, anthologies, newspapers, e-zines etc. in nearly 100 countries across the world. His six volumes of poetry viz., Charismata of Poesie, The Chariot of Musings, Serene Thoughts, Twinkles, Reflections and Altitudes received wide readership acclaim all over the world. Read more about him here.

Ashok’s poetry is aimed at promoting universal peace, environment awareness, protection of children rights etc. He was commended with several prestigious international awards, viz., Universal Peace Ambassador, Love Ambassador, International Intellectual Peace Award, Asian Who’s Who, Effulgent Star, etc. He was conferred with the FOUR prestigious doctorates, viz., Doctor of Literature (2), Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa), Doctor of Humanities and honored with ‘First Laureate of the World of Literature 2017’, on the 26th anniversary of Independence of KAZAKHSTAN by the World Nations Writers’ Union.? That apart, Mr. Ashok is nominated as Hon’ Adviser of Borneo International Open University, Malaysia, Vice-President, Global Harmony Association, Russia, Research Committee Member, U.S.A, Centre of Non-killing, Norway are a few of the rare international recognitions among several others he acquired.

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