September 24, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ayouba Toure




Weeping Eyes



On the rapid elevation of corruption in Liberia




Mid-September we saw the clouds cry out a river,

doves and pigeons coo throughout;

the blue sky begins to transform black and dark.



the Green Coast is bleeding—bleeding for she’s been pierced by her own flesh and blood.

bleeding till the last drop of her blood hugged the unfriendly soil.

yet she has bled—bled till she finally bleeds out her white blood cells.


again her eyes spilled no more tears;

down her cheeks—battalions of tears drop.

those drops off her eye sockets are large as the Atlantic Ocean.


they’ve plucked out her soul;

bring back my soul—silently she screams a bloody.






Ayouba Toure

My name is Ayouba Toure, a Pan-Africanist from Liberia. I’m a practical Muslim with Mandingo being my ethnicity; I was born on February 20, 2003. I’m currently studying civil engineering at the university of Liberia. I’m an emerging poet, who writes base on the ills of the society.

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