Ethiopia: Discharging social responsibility with openhandedness

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Addisalem Mulat



The Ethiopian premier Dr. Abiy Ahmed has been showering people with various pieces of advice to attach significance to volunteerism, kindheartedness, tolerance, synergy and what not. As the saying goes, “Unity is strength”, there will not be goals the general public will not achieve if they work hand-in-glove with one another. The Holy Bible says show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about you.


People from different walks of life have been contributing their share for their compatriots in a range of ways every so often, while others struggle day-in-day out to take the country in different aspects of development activities time and again. Some people, institutes and companies support the sport industry of Ethiopia.


Ethiopians are crazy about a wide spectrum of sports activities taking place in different parts of the country, for the most part football. Most of them love football more than anything under the sun. As a matter of fact, a wide-array of sports competitions are held in various parts of the country despite problems pertaining to sports infrastructures.


In the developed world, people secure more than a few benefits out of the various sports activities. But most of them are seen facing financial problems over and over again. Finding the right institute or person who can support the different sports of the country is turning out to be like nailing jelly to a tree. Without a shadow of a doubt sports can easily take the economy of a certain country to the helm of success in a little while. But exclusive of the coordinated efforts of stakeholders, achieving the desired goal will not be a walk in the park.


Some institutes, individuals or companies do not hesitate to contribute their share to bridging gaps related to sports infrastructures and other related aspects. Quite the opposite, some stakeholders are seen turning a blind eye and attaching significance to other less important tasks which cannot add value to the country. In fact, reinforcing the different sports activities partaking across the country helps strengthen societal ties amidst the general public now and then apart from boosting the economy of the country.


Without exaggeration, the benefits we secure out of a wide spectrum of sports competitions are uncountable. In fact, some people and institutions are getting themselves fully engaged in developing the sports industry of the country. They leave no stone unturned to take the industry to the pinnacle of success every so often. In reality, it would be easier said than done to achieve the desired goal devoid of the active involvement of a lot of institutions and individuals.


As the expansion of sports infrastructures is on the rise time and again, all and sundry should work in close collaboration with various stakeholders with the object of keeping abreast with the growing sports infrastructures of the world. At this point in time, there are some individuals who contribute their share for the growth of the country’s sport industry and make the dream of Ethiopians youngsters become a reality on the world stage.


Mr. Xavier Selga is known for contributing his share for the growth of the Ethiopian sport industry. He does the whole thing of his own volition. He is breathing new life into the Ethiopian sport industry. By the way, he was born and raised in Spain. He is a father of two. He came to Ethiopia five years ago. He is the general manger of East Africa Bottling.



Xavier Selga – Addislaem Mulat photo



Currently, he is financially supporting bicycle sports, motorsports, tennis and basketball among others and thus has been playing a major role in contributing his share for the growth of Ethiopia’s sport industry. He knows the nitty-gritty of Ethiopia’s sports like the palm of his hand. Whenever people from different institutes come wanting his help, he does not rub his eyes for a fraction of a second. He strongly believes that investing in youths can help the country harvest the fruit of success given they are endowed with untapped skills.


Xavier Selga said, “Everybody should play a major role in the sport industry of the country. East Africa Bottling Share Company works with a view to taking Ethiopia’s sport industry to the pinnacle of success aside from working in close collaboration with concerned bodies. In reality, the intended target of the company is working in collaboration with the general public with the object of achieving the desired goal.


According to research findings, 70% of the Ethiopian population comprises the youth. Therefore, it will be quite valuable investing in the youth as it helps the sport industry of the country leap from ascent to ascent. As every nook and cranny of the country is replete with several talented youngsters across the country, we happily give our all for the sports industry of the country.”


He went on to say, “East Africa Bottling Share Company gets itself fully involved in a wide spectrum of development activities. We work with a range of sports institutions and federations with a view to utilizing untapped skills of youngsters. Ethiopia is known worldwide by its renowned athletes. They have registered a number of fruitful results in the world. It possesses more than a few famous athletes across the country. Likewise, we work hand-in-glove with the federation and the Great Ethiopian Run. Our door is always open for those who would like to contribute their share in youngsters’ sports. We are happily ready to help.”


He further stressed that Copa CocaCola is one of the successful sport competition in registering promising results. Moreover, it serves as a platform for recruiting talented youngsters who can chip in their share for the development of the country. We work hand in glove with Coca Cola Ethiopia, Ethiopian Football Federation, Ethiopian Youths Academy, Ministry of Education, Regional and Town administrators, Ethiopian Youths Academy, Ethiopian and Youth Sports Minster and other related ones with the purpose of making our dream become a reality.


He continued: “The company year on year churns out talented youngsters found in the left, right and centers of the country. Furthermore, thousands of youngsters partake in various sports activities under the umbrella of Coca Cola while others are made to take training in various academies. We keep our nose to the grind time and again.”


“Likewise, the company is carrying out its duties and responsibilities in Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis among others. I do not accept as true the fact that the contribution we have been making is an adequate one. Besides, we are also not fully satisfied in what we contribute at the present time. We are dreaming of doing a lot in various sports activities targeting at youngsters apart from taking the sport industry of the country to the pinnacle of success. While we are on the subject, if various federations and other related bodies come to our organizations with reasonable application targeting at youths sports, we do not rub our eyes for a fraction of a second to entertain their cases,” he added.


Copa Coca Cola is a sport in which students hugely participate. A wide array of football games are partaking in Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda and what have you through the sponsor of Coca Cola. It is also held in Ethiopia.


The former Ethiopian Football Federation President Juneidi Basha relating about the matter said, “Copa CocaCola is working in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. We were carrying out small activities in Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa. But at this point in time, throughout the country, we have made 1000 schools and 36,000 students to partake in the competition.”


Footballer Seyoum Tesfaye for his part said, “I would say, I am limited only in my country given that I did not get the chance to partake in bigger competitions like Copa Coca Cola. If I had got the chance as a kid, I would have found myself on the world stage. Therefore, contributing ones share in youngsters helps the country’s sport move to the helm of success within the shortest time possible. If various institutes discharge their responsibilities, youngsters can make their dream become a reality with no trouble.”


Woldegebreal Mezgebu, Ethiopian Sport Academy Deputy Director said, “Copa CocaCola competitions help youngsters actualize their dream true down the road. Our academy managed to get to the bottom of various problems related to age by recruiting youngsters coming from every corner of the country in Copa Coca Cola championship. Hence, we managed to get fruitful youngsters.”


In the recently ended Ethiopian year, Coca Cola, in collaboration with FIFA enabled Ethiopian fans to see the FIFA trophy in Ethiopia. A lot of efforts had been made in this regard.


As of 1976, Coca Cola has a great attachment with FIFA. It is honorary sponsor of FIFA since 1978. The company is contributing its share for the growth of the Ethiopian sport industry and attaching significance to the growth of the capacity of youngsters.


Mr. Xavier has his own dismay on the subject of Ethiopian sports. He said, “I believe that Ethiopia possesses quite a lot of talented youngsters in various fields of sports. But to put this into effect, the government is expected to play a major role. A range of sports infrastructures are being built across the country. This is a good thing. But it has to carry out a lot of responsibilities over and over again. The money that must be earmarked to build sports infrastructure should be balanced with that of the money to be spent on the youngsters. Sports infrastructures alone do not help bring the intended target. A lot of wealth should be spent on youngsters. Everything should not be left to the government.”


“As luck would have it, Ethiopia possesses several talented youths in addition to suitable landscapes for different sports activities. If all stakeholders work hand in glove, achieving the desired goal will turn out to be a low hanging fruit.”


Mr. Xavier loves sports with all his heart. He makes an effort for the growth of sports in different parts of the country. He loves playing golf. Due to his commitment and determination, he is playing a major role in the growth of the country’s sport attaching significance to youngsters’ sports. At his point in time, he is making an effort in a bid that golf takes root in the country. By the same token he helps women earn a better income by recycling plastics bringing into play used ones. Recently he built a school in Bahir Dar which has the capacity of carrying eight hundred students.





Addisalem Mulat

A published author, journalist, translator, host of a newspaper interview, contributor to magazines and teacher from Ethiopia.  M.A holder in English from Addis Ababa University.

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