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Ali Zegeye Worku




The Doctrine of Democracy



Democracy the vital force FOR the civilized life

The alternative worthy remark of our strive

Ensuring the moral courage of peace and stability

Though the rebirth of balance of integrity

To keep in view the merit of civil rights decoration

For the next harvest season of our socio-political attention

The high value of GEDA system as a doctrine of democracy

As a true spectacle reflector scale of our equality

Could be the future immunity of one African nation

As the promising new deal living force for the coming generation

Laws, morals, ethics and customs of our forefather’s courageous assets

Spin long yarn cultural targets of equality

With the innovative ideas that would foster our reality.

The teaching of doctor Abiy Ahmed’s smart outlook

What records in our fresh memory book

To bring the desired result in the spirit of reform

In the ongoing harmony reconciliation form

In the true findings of history

Our ancestors never inject their sickness in their country

Let the current generation think of it face to face

Widening the public unique vision of our mental space

Which put in force the days of remark

To lead our continent out of the dark.

Through the honorable pacemaker LEMMA MEGERSA as starting block

The best runner political athlete doctor ABIY AHMED move in delight

To operate the order of the days flowers light

There we sense the odor of sweet smelling from the human race melting pot

To resume the proper use of democracy in real spot

In order to see the emblem of public relation

With the GEDA system colored rays foundation

To achieve fruit full ends

By leading African hearts – in free treasure ports

Then the land of origin tower of strength

The promising move comes to terms

Through the golden faith symbol of norms

Let the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE foundation

Take the value of the EAST AFRICAN peace nectar into consideration

And visit the atmosphere of ETHIOPIA which is UTOPIANISM

In the spirit of peace reform tourism.

Let the luck star of heaven twinkle with our opportunity

Which set our blue moon in motion the miracle action of African Unity.






Ali Zegeye Worku

Ali Zegeye Worku, B=born on 21 July 1948. A published poet, parliamentarian, administrator, public relation offices.

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