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Joseph Besong



You must have heard the horrible descriptions of the continent. Some of those stories are exaggerated and at times written by authors who know little about Africa or its people. The authors of such gross exaggeration relied on unproven sources. That’s not to say the people and the continent are void of issues and problems. The truth is that Africa is blessed.



Natural Resources


Africa can boast of having the best resources in the world. From the West to the East, Central, North and South Africa, there appears every natural resource you can think of, from crude oil to diamonds, bronze. etc. Many will argue that resources without development makes no sense. The fact that the leaders mismanaged the resources doesn’t mean the land is also. The fact that God blesses the land with these resources is a thing to celebrate. There will be a day when the young generation may opt out of corruption and take the continent to another level. As an emerging economy, there’s hope for the people of Africa.



Best People on Planet Earth


Africans are the best group of people you will meet, imbedded with talents and skills. They are hard-working and dedicated human beings. They are hospitable and accommodating. They might not have the best of technology but they are artistic. For the tourists from Europe, United States, Asia and other parts of the world who have had the opportunity to travel to Africa, they will tell you how great the continent is contrary to the mainstream media’s account. Despite the wars in the continent, Africa remains a haven to those who want a quiet life. That explains why so many people from other continents are settling there now more than before. Africans prefer to feed strangers and stay hungry.



Religious people


In the past the Europeans brought the gospel to the continent. Today, the Christian population in other continents is down, Africa vibrant with the young people taking the message of God seriously. Africa is today sending missionaries to Europe, United States, Asia and other parts of the world. That’s a reversal of the role as far as religion is concerned. The Muslim religion in Africa is also at its peak compared to different parts of the world. Think of the great work of the Missionary Society of Saint Paul overseas and the Handmaid of the Child Jesus, all congregations from Nigeria. The future is bright for Africa because religiousness humbles a people. This is a positive attribute for the people of this continent.



Traditional Values


Culture makes a people and without culture we are nothing. It’s culture that differentiates a group of people. The culture of Africa stands out. This is depicted in most of their stories, dramas and films. The popular Nollywood in Nigeria is a force to reckoned with. The storylines are unique to the continent with themes that pertain to Africans only. It’s always nostalgic for Africans who leave home for adventure and greener pastures out of the continent. Even in foreign lands, Africans continue to practice their cultures because it’s part of their livelihood. Their traditional dances, food, and lots more attract even the foreigners. Africa places a lot of pride in marriage and family life. Divorce is not in the African vocabulary because that is part of the traditional norm. This has helped keep African families together. It’s rare to hear about divorce in most African nations because to them, marriage is a sacred encounter between a woman and a man or in some cases polygamy is practiced. Remember, even in polygamy, marriage is treated with respect and reverence.



Intellectuals par Excellence


Most Africans are very talented people. In this era, you find a lot of academia from the continent who are excelling not just in the continent but the world over. Despite the poor educational structures and resources, young learners continue to make a contribution in the world of knowledge. The best researchers are found in Africa. The best academic and medical doctors are also found in the continent and some serving abroad in very sensitive areas and high places. In short, Africans are found in all walks of life.



Respect for Authorities and Seniority


The people of Africa know how to respect elected or appointed officials. They don’t disrespect people in authority or their elders. It’s part of their lifestyle to respect those assigned to govern them even in situations that call for outright disrespect. They prefer to take such matters to the local authorities rather than taking the law into their own hands.


The only thing Africa lacks is good governance. Give Africa good leaders and the continent will be the envy of the world. Unfortunately poor governance has for centuries let the continent down. Africa is indeed blessed, not cursed, as perceived by those who believe otherwise.


As described above, there’s a bright spot in Africa. The next generation may be able to take the continent to even higher heights. The time is now and Africans, especially the young people, must take their destiny in their own hands. God bless Africa.





joseph besong

Joseph Besong

I am the editor-in-chief of Kilimandjaro radio. I hail from Africa, precisely from Cameroon in Central Africa.

I did my secondary education at Bishop Rogan College Soppo-Buea located in the South West Region of Cameroon. After graduation, I proceeded to the University of Buea-Cameroon where I read English minor in Journalism and Mass Communication. I later worked in Cameroon as a broadcaster with Two radios namely Radio Evangelum and CBS Radio all located in Buea.

Presently, I work with Kilimandjaro radio, an online radio station based in Canada.

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