‘Hyper-Real Reboots’ by Sudeep Adhikari: A Review

October 4, 2018 Book Reviews , Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Wayne F Burke



Sudeep Adhikari’s adroitly-written Buddhistic reverie is like an electrified dreamscape. The quotidian morphed “into countless universes” with skies of an otherworldly beauty, like those found in the paintings of the “mad” Albert Blakelock. Like a seismograph, Sudeep records the tremors not felt; earthquakes yet to arrive–the unseen of quantum states, “occult mandalas,” and “unexplained miracles”…The poetry a reaction, in part, to the conundrum existence presents. Life, in “our carbonated traps”–“a simulation with multiple impersonalities”–“alien evenings that haunt like an alien void.” We are caught, Sudeep writes, “in between the binary of being and nothingness, of one and zero” (oh my aching Sartre!).


This poetry is Zen. This poetry is not Zen. (Zen what is it?)


This poetry brings the distinctly flavorful religious sensibility of the East into a matrix of Western thought and cultural modes. Refracted Buddhism in vortexes of techno reboot; an algorithmic web of “indra’s net” (internet, “the new space-time”)…Work that is satisfying intellectually and emotionally. Poems written with panache. And products, not of a cold rational mind, but of an emotionally warm temperament. Work that melds the scientific/philosophic with the humanistic and written in language of an oftentimes rhythmic beauty: “the contours bend like/a sine wave, sending/shock-waves to the land/of mercurial mountains,/diffusing slowly with/the mist of weeping white.”


Sudeep’s is an original voice. A voice insistent in thinking autonomously (despite Darwin, Marx, Freud, Leibniz, Schrodinger, Gautama Buddha, et al.), and living unsystematically; in being “a universe/within a universe.” A micro-cosmos of self refracting form and formlessness of a multiverse contemporaneous, timeless, and Hyper-Real…


Reboot up, here.





Hyper-Real Reboots is published by Weasel Press and can be purchased here and on Amazon





Sudeep Adhikari

Sudeep Adhikari from Kathmandu (Nepal) is professionally a PhD in Structural Engineering. He lives in Kathmandu with his family and works as an Engineering-Consultant/Part-time Lecturer. He is a keen observer of inter-disciplinary dynamics between science, philosophy, religion, literature, music, mathematics and psychology, and its implications on the epistemological foundation of human ideas. His poetry has also found its place in more than 40 literary journals/magazines (online, print) across the world. The author can be reached at [email protected].


Wayne F Burke

Wayne F. Burke’s poetry has appeared in a variety of publications (including Tuck Magazine). His three published poetry collections, all from Bareback Press, are WORDS THAT BURN, DICKHEAD, and KNUCKLE SANDWICHES. His chapbook PADDY WAGON is published by Epic Rites Press. He lives in the state of Vermont (USA).

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